Spots & Stripes

Before I created Spots & Stripes, I was finding it impossible to find skin, hair and bath products for my eldest daughter, Anouk, who was just 12. She’d grown out of her baby products (and was pretty outraged when I asked her to use them!), and I wanted something that would deal with her new needs – sometimes-greasy hair, sometimes-sweaty body, and the odd breakout.

I’d been very careful about what I’d used on her skin as a baby and child; looking for products that were gentle, natural and earth friendly. But, I found there was almost nothing to bridge the gap between the baby/young child products – which weren’t working anymore – and the teen-acne and adult products that were way too harsh for her still delicate, child’s skin. In the end, I settled on a mismatched bunch of mostly natural or organic adult products – a spot stick from here, a body wash from there, a cleanser that was gentle, but full of ingredients that made me uncomfortable. Anouk didn’t love the way they looked or smelt. And neither did I. Added to that, they didn’t always work.

So, I decided to create the products myself. As a beauty editor, I’d tried a zillion brands; I knew my stuff and I did my research. I convinced one of the UK’s best natural manufacturers to take me on. I tested the formulas on my girls (Anouk, now 17, and Bo, 13), their friends, and the sons of my friends. After two years of trying and tweaking, Spots & Stripes was born! We're now an award-winning skincare brand, transforming the skin of teens and tweens around the country. 

Charlotte-Anne Fidler

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