Meet our amazing GUEST EDITORS

Edith Bowman

Award winning radio and TV presenter, podcast host and effortlessly cool! 
It’s Edith Bowman. 

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Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey

Over a decade at British Vogue, fashion columnist at Telegraph Magazine and sustainability champion - it's a treat to feature Ginnie's edit.

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Savannah Miller

International fashion designer with stunning collections from boho to bridal, see Savannah's stylish edit.

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Kelly Eastwood

Brilliant fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as resident conscious style columnist at Hello! Fashion Monthly. See what caught Kelly's eye.

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Donna Ida

The ulitmate 'Jean Queen' with her iconic brand 'a little bit lady, a little bit rock ’n’ roll and a lot of chic' is back with us and it's an honour!

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Korinna Howie

@isthistooyoungforme of This Morning, and many fabulous style podcast shares her brilliant edit in the honest and chatty style we love so much!

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Caroline Idiens

Inspirational personal trainer and fitness coach @carolinescircuits is as passionate about fashion as she is women's fitness. Fashion and fitness edit ahead!

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Priscilla Pollara

Communications specialist, journalist and huge champion of independents is with us. Check out her insightful edit for up and coming brands!

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Tamzin Outhwaite

Beautiful, talented and bursting back onto our
screens with BBC hit 'Freeze the Fear’,
we are delighted to have Tamzin with us.
Small business supporter and busy mother we are
so grateful she found the time to create this fabulous edit. 

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Tamzin Outhwaite


Gustavian Rococo Bureau

£4200 (10% off)

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Tuscany Candle

£35 (10% 0ff)

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Tota Kids Pyjama Set

£28 (20% off)

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Green and Cream Stripe Seat Cushion

£105 (20% off)

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Miracle Balm

£46 (10% off)

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Penelope Top In Green

£45 (10% off)

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Clover Chain Necklace

£75 (20% off)

buy from Lulu B

Personalised Bottoms

£35 (10% off insta message to order)

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Olive Green and Bold Pink Oblong Cushion

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Kerela Dress

£120 (10% off)

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Lidded Sugar Bowl

£56 (20% off)

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Hand Painted Candles

£15 (20% off)

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Edith Bowman


Pitta Calming Facial Oil £37 (20% off)

I have super sensitive skin and my friend Jess put me onto this local brand.  I swear by this Pita Oil ( I also ADORE the Himalayan salt scrub) it is a must and works wonders.

buy from Samadhi Skincare

Spring Stripe Cardigan £78 (15% off)

I’d quite happily take one of everything from this site.  So many great items.  As I start to think of what to wear at the festivals I’m working at this summer, this is definitely on my list.  

buy from TAE

Stanton 3 Seater Sofa £3,100 (10% off)

Having moved into our house just before the first lock down, any decorating has taken a back seat. I’m slowly going from room to room, trying to update it and make it more us.  One of the most popular rooms in our house is the tv room/snug which I’ve papered with a wonderful vibrant wallpaper, this sofa would look killer in the room.

buy from cotswold grey

Handblocked Tablecloth £65 (20% off)

With more good weather around the corner, I plan to have as many outdoor gatherings as is physically possible.  Having friends round, cooking for them and chatting is my idea of heaven.

buy from So Souk

Large Pomegranate Bowl £55 (20% off)

To add to that gorgeous table, you can never have enough good plates and bowls.  These are stunning.

buy from The Mews Fabric & Furnishings

Happy face Keyring £12

I love a good key ring, something that has meaning or a memory or is cute and quirky. I love the smiley face of this, really cute and simple but super stylish.

buy from Moola London

Jewellery Box With Mirrors £79.95 (20% off)

This is a genius idea.  I have never been able to find the right thing to house and look after my jewellery and this is not only a very practical, clever idea it also looks fantastic. 

buy from The Blue Zebra

Epic Tee £15 (20% off)

Nothing better than a simple but cool T-Shirt design.  I LOVE these for my boys, each day they could adapt a different attitude depending on what the message of the t is.

buy from Catapult Clothing

Pink Flamingo Trunks £90 (25% off)

DREAMING of days by the sea with a warm sun kissing our skin.  Having just announced he’s lost another pair of swimmers.  These are going to be a present for my other half.  Love the fun nature of the designs on these and other options.

buy from bunks trunks

Mable Necklace £40 (15% off)

It can sometimes be hard to find pieces of jewellery that are that bit different and stand out.  This is a stunning piece and really versatile. I’d happily wear it on a red carpet or with a thrown on sundress on holiday.

buy from Tamarin Bay

Audrey Dress £170 (20% off)

I Love this dress.  Stunning and I particularly adore how they’ve styled it with trainers

buy from Rosie Dalia

Organic Dungarees £210 (%15 off)

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a pair of dungarees. LOVE these cream coloured ones for the summer.

buy from Milldred


stylist and fashion columnist

Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey


Organic Ecru Dungarees

£210 (15% off)

buy from Milldred

Pistachio Johari Weekend Bag

£45 (20% off)

buy from So Souk

The Lobster Belt

£28 (10% off)

buy from pellegrine

Luxury Thank You Notes (8 pk)

£18.50 (15% off)

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Gabriella Dress Frangipani Print

£165 (20% off)

buy from Rosie Dalia

Palm Tree Print Handblocked Quilt

£120 (20% off)

buy from So souk

Lewis Cotton Blouse

£104 (15% off)

buy from TAE Boutique

Long Gemstone Drop Earrings

£209 (20% off)

buy from cotton and Gems

Scalloped Lacquer Bin

£145 (15% off)

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Rhiannon Cashmere Blend Roll Neck

£95 (20% off)

buy from eleven loves

Palm Print Memo Board

£85 (£15% off)

buy from Little Plum

Silk Ikat Tray

£28 (15% off)

buy from Moola London


fashion designer

Savannah Miller


Elise Blouse in Blue

£69 (15% off)

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Hand Painted Enamel Pot

£55 (20%)

buy from Forage Somerset

Scalloped Jute Doormat

£35 (20% off)

buy from So souk

Enamel Coffee Spoons

£28 (20% off)

buy from Turnbull and Hooch

Green Scalloped Lacquered Tray

£230 (15% off)

buy from Addison Ross

Pink Carnation Single Quilt

£20 (15% off)

buy from Effortless Trading Company

Pink Daphne Bolster Cushion

£70 (20% off)

buy from So Souk

Be Kind Bracelet

£14.95 (20% off)

buy from law and co

Caruso Swimsuit

£160 (15% off)

buy from Violet Lake

Columbian Pom Pom Bag

£45 (15% off)

buy from Vida De Verano

Ushuaia Smock Dress

£55 (20% off)

Buy from Loved by Da

Rachel Jumpsuit

£149 (20% off)

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Peacock Print Bath Bag

£22 (20% off)

buy from so souk

Safari Stack A1 print

£95 (20% off)

buy from Killy and Co

Merci cards

£18.50 (15% off)

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Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Kelly Eastwood - @thelondonchatter


Festoon Lighting

£49 (10% off)

buy from Garden Glow

Marbled Salad Servers

£25 (15% off)

buy from Tooka Home

The Village Olive Oil

£25.00 (12% off)

buy from Fino live oil

Bone Inlay Planter

£58 (15% off)

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Scalloped Jute Doormat

£35 (20% off)

Buy from So Souk

8 Zebra and Palm Note Cards

£19 (15% off)

Buy from Moola London

Organic Ecru Dungarees

£210 (15% off)

buy from mildred

Caruso Swimsuit

£160 (15% off)

buy from violet lake

Ile Necklace

£30 (15% off)

buy from Tamarin Bay

G&T Board

£38 (20% off)

buy from From The Oak Tree

Santorini Dress

£70 (15% off)

Buy from TAE Boutique

Es Vedra Playsuit

£68 (20% off)

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The Communications Guru

Priscilla Pollara


The Binky Box £25 (15% off)

This nifty product made out of recycled materials will ensure you will never drink your coffee or tea cold again! Your little ones will be so immersed in a world of craft and imagination, they won’t even notice time passing. 

buy from The Binky Box

Green Enamel Candlesticks £32 (20% off)

The dark evenings might be gone, but dinner parties are only just getting going in my house. I imagine dotting these down a long table; they're tall enough not to obstruct conversation flow! 

buy from Turnbull and Hooch

Tikka With Pear Shaped Emerald Quartz Droplets £68 (15% off)

It would be criminal to keep Memara's supremely elegant and wearable jewellery in a box or a drawer. These would be lovely to show off any day of the year.

buy from Memara

Backgammon Set £100 (10% off)

I am taking this clever little creation on holiday with me this year. Made out of recycled sailcloth, this will be easy to store, cart around - and will definitely be fun to play. 

buy from oarsum

Navy and Pink Gingham Cake Stand £75 (20% off)

Everyone needs a cake stand: from birthday sponges to hot cross buns. This is a striking and highly unique piece - almost as delicious as the treats on it!

buy from osski home

Epic T Shirt £15 (20% off)

Easy to wear, easy to gift. A set of these t-shirts will be going to my Godsons this year. 

buy from Catapult Clothing

Striped Lacquered Ottoman Tray £195 (15% off)

I am so late to the lacquer trend! However, I intend to make this handsome, versatile, quite frankly - show-stopper - of a tray my very first port of call before the trend police come to find me. 

buy from Addison Ross

Strawberry Bowl £22.50 (15% off)

This is the piece of crockery that is going to seamlessly see you through from April until September. Sweet, fun and pretty. Keys? Chocolate truffles? Fruit? Who knows. I'll decide when it arrives

buy from Pop and Flo

Malli Scalloped Lampshade £125 (20% off)

Scallop-edged and block-printed, do combinations get more delectable? This is yet another fine Limited Edition piece by the masterly duo behind So Souk, Petrina and Jo.

buy from So Souk

Superstripe Leggings £32 (10% off)

Until the very clever Athletica London make these of-the-moment performance leggings in eco-friendly fabrics in my size, I am buying them for all the tweens I know.

buy from Athletica London

Patti Sundress £139 (15% off)

Everyone knows I'm a lover of a good frock. How could I let this one slip? The perfect little number for a long summer (now pray for good weather!!

buy from Ozzie & Clementine

Pink Ruffle Check Tablecloth £78 (20% off)

I love this pattern, and who can resist a ruffle? Not me. These are designed in collaboration with Alice Peto and come with matching napkins. The perfect alfresco look.

buy from The Mews Fabrics and Furnishings


The Jean Queen

Donna Ida


J'Taime Tee

£35 (20% off)

buy from eleven loves

Brodie Top

£59.95 (20% off)

buy from Law and Co

Caruso Swimsuit

£160 (15% off)

buy from Violet Lake

La Lucia Mexican Blanket

£38 (15% off)

buy from Vida de Verano

Leopard Print Yoga Mat

£50 (25% off)

buy from outer fitness

Crystal Hobnail Jug

£75 (20% off)

buy from So Souk

Cabbage Leaf Bowl

£19.50 (15% off)

buy from pop and Flo

Tall Palm Tree Candle Holder

£58 (15% off)

buy from Moola London

Large Green Tray

£55 (15% off)

buy from Zazoo

Bamboo Cutlery

£12 each (20% off)

buy from Msika Home

Audrey Dress

£170 (20% off)

buy from Rosie Dalia

Silver Bow Charm Hoops

£89 (20% off)

buy from cotton and Gems


insta sensation

Korinna Howie @isthistooyoungforme


Fawn Yoga Mat and Strap £50 (25% off)

I need this mat in my life. Stylish design, absorbent suede microfibre, bonded to a natural tree rubber base, eco-friendly - biodegradable, recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber, you name it. I’d be proud to roll this baby out in my yoga class.

buy from outer fitness

Organic Cleansing Facial Oil £35 (20% off)

Natural and organic, I had to add this to my wish list but in all honesty I don't need a bottle, I already have one! I'm a big fan of the cleansing facial oil, I've been using it and talking about it on my Instagram page for several years now. I love to use it in my facial massage ritual.  A high quality, home grown business started by Olivia on her kitchen table. Love it. 

buy from Samadhi Skincare

Straw Hat £40 (20% off)

I love this hat. The size of the rim for protection from the sun and the great contrasting ‘wear with anything’ stripe. Effortless and not too structured, which means it can handle a day in a flight bag, on a beach, on a boat, at the summer party. All we need is the invite.

Buy from the Blue Zebra

Bandeau Top £19.50 (20% off)

I love these versatile bandeau tops and skirts. Three words… no tan lines! Plus they’re a breeze for sundowners after a day on the beach, which spontaneously turn into evening plans. Just add a stack of bangles, a few necklaces, grab a cardigan or shawl for your shoulders. Just make sure you’re back for breakfast!

buy from hoboko

Ile Neclace £30 (15% off)

There’s something about blue jewellery for summer. Maybe it’s the association with sea & sky. Whatever the reason, take the ocean with you around your neck with this one.

buy from Tamarin Bay

Rose Gold Loop Belt £20 (15% off)

I love these because they’re so versatile. Metallics are neural and go with anything. I’m loving the vintage vibes. Only problem I’m having here is which one of the three to choose. 

buy from Ozzie and Clementine

Lucia Chunky Gold Chain £22 (15% off)

I simply cannot live without a short chunky necklace, or two or three. Layer it with absolutely anything, summer or winter. You can’t put a stylish foot wrong with this one. 

buy from misgraceful

Wave Hoops in Gold £55 (15% off)

Love hoops. They work with anything and give some effortless interest. The ultimate travel companion. The wavy details leaves me longing for the beach. 

buy from memara

British Red Cross In Ukraine £4

Giving just £4 to the DEC had to be on my list. The price of two coffees you can give money to this well-establish charity, who make sure our money is distribute to those who need it most. 

Just Giving Page

Red Heart Pinch Pot £20 (15% off)

Can’t live without trinket pots, and the simple heart had me at hello. I have several. One on my kitchen windowsill, in the bathroom, beside my bed and on my dressing table. This means whenever I take my special rings or jewellery off, they have a home in every room, ensuring the rings and jewellery that means the most to me never ever gets lost ❤️

buy from ASL Ceramics

Crystal Hobnail Green Jug £75 (20% off)

This is simply beautiful. I’d use it as a vase. Green vases are so underrated. Because they’re the colour of stems they compliment any and every flower you could ever put in them, standing back and allowing the flowers to shine. 

buy from So souk


inspirational trainer and coach

Caroline Idiens @carolinescircuits


Lola Dress

£168 (20% off)

Buy from Rosie Dalia

Gigi Skirt

£52 (10% off)

buy from Lilou Collection

Nufreda Cotton Shirt

£58 (15% off)

buy from TAE

Kitty Dress

£45 (20% off)

Buy from Hoboko

Caroline Cashmere Blend Crew Neck

£95 (20% off)

buy from eleven loves

Lupe Swimsuit

£175 (15% off)

Buy from Violet lake

Turquoise 5 Stone Necklace

£135 (20% off)

buy from cotton and gems

Jade and Emerald Teardrop Earrings

£60 (15% off)

buy from Charlotte Knapman

Peacock Print Bathbag

£22 (20% off)

buy from so souk

Flamingo Swim Short

£90 (25% off)

buy from bunks trunks

Atoll Yoga Mat

£50 (25% off)

buy from Outre fitness

Omega Facial Oil

£49 (10% off)

buy from Lisa Armitage