Manuka Direct

‘Food of the Gods’ I hear you cry ! Genuine manuka honey comes from New Zealand where the native manuka plant thrives, it is known to the Maori as ‘the healing honey’, they have has used it medicinally for hundreds of years for sore throats, digestive ailments and topically on wounds and burns.

I am lucky enough to work with three incredible beekeepers in the stunning Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand. They are encyclopaedic in their knowledge of bees and this beautiful landscape and place the hives carefully amongst wild and unspoilt manuka forests allowing us to become the lucky recipients of this special honey.

Our honey comes in three grades, the higher the MGO number, the higher the efficacy. It is stylishly packaged and with prices ranging from £15 to £99 it makes a perfect stocking filler or special present for all ages.

This rare and precious honey comes straight from the bees to you, nothing added and nothing taken away. It is fully lab tested and certified so you can be assured of its authenticity. Treat yourself or someone special and it will soon become a staple on your breakfast and top of your present list! Delicious AND good for you. Liquid Gold!  

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