Anna Cox Home

I offer a carefully curated collection of colourful Moroccan textiles including cushions, throws, dog mats and vintage rugs.

I went on holiday to Morocco and had my head turned by all the colourful and unique things available in the Souks.  I have always liked interiors, so I decided to squeeze 25 cushion covers into my already crammed suitcase.  I brought them home with me and was surprised to find how beautiful they looked back in the Cotswold interiors (a lot of grey, white and green!).  They literally bring a room or garden to life, which is such a beautiful thing to see.

So, I took them out and about with me to gauge people’s reactions.  One of my first sales was from the boot of my car in a supermarket car park! 

I get the same reaction wherever I take them, as a picnic set to the cricket, to a meeting, or simply when I open the boot of my car: ”Wow, they are so different”. Even children chuck themselves on them, and my boys, who are not remotely interested in soft furnishings, have claimed their own for their rooms!


I am having such fun designing my own colourways and meeting lots of different people along the way.

I am offering 15% off.