Glorious Edit CANVA Templates

Please make sure the shopping code EDIT24 is set up from 
Thursday 9th at 6pm - Sunday 12th midnight!


1.  I am taking part!  Grid & Story Version - Post anytime

There are various styles, pick one and either use it as it is or pop one of your own images in.  Some images/text are locked.  Simply download your image and share to your socials and/or email.  Click HERE for the grid template link. Click HERE for the story template link.

2.  One Week to Go! 

Use this story/reel to remind shoppers they have one more week to sign up before we go LIVE on Thursday 9th 6pm.  We will be sending an email out to the subs with the code by 6pm so they are ready to shop.  Please make sure your code is turned on!  Feel free to add in your own products into the templates!
Click HERE for the Reel version of one week to go! Click HERE for another option for stories.

3.   Just a few of my favourite things - Post anytime

Use this to highlight some of your favourite things across The Glorious Edit.  Just drag and drop images into the pictures that are already there!  You can always use your own products too!  Click HERE for the Grid template.  Click HERE  for the story link.

4. Sign up before 5pm 9th May - Post 9th May before 5pm!

Use this template on Thursday 9th May to get shoppers signing up.  We will send an email out to subscribers at 6pm on 9th May so they are ready to shop. This evening is for subscribers only.  Please do not release the code until Friday 10th May.  
Click HERE for the grid version template.  Drag and drop your image into this template. There are various options for this. If your image doesn't quite fit...double click the image to move it around until you are happy!
Click HERE for the story version of this template.

5. We are LIVE Friday 10th post with the CODE!  Post anytime from 10th-12th May

Use this reel/story to shout out to your followers that you are LIVE and the code is EDIT24  This can be used anytime from Friday - Sunday!  Feel free to drop in your own images to this design!  Click HERE for the template link.

6.  We are LIVE with CODE!  - Post anytime over the fair period 10-12th 

This is a reel with hundreds of brands featuring the code!  Feel free to use on stories too!  Do swap any images you would prefer by dragging and dropping!  Click HERE to use this template.

7. We are LIVE with CODE - Post anytime over the fair period 10th-12th May

This is another variation - grid and story post - We are live featuring the code.  Feel free to edit the images.  There are two styles here...always remember when saving this design, save as a PNG file not MP4 Video.  Click HERE for this grid template. Click HERE for the story version.


          Last day to shop reel. Click HERE


If you have any trouble with any templates please get in touch...we are pretty much always on Instagram messages or feel free to email too.  We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you to shout about this Glorious fair.  The more we shout about it the more shoppers there will be! 

We have some incredible Guest Editors joining us for this fair...they are not paid or told who or what to choose so please give them a comment, like, love and a repost if you are chosen!!!  We can never be sure if they will restory/post etc but if they do please do comment lots on their posts.  They really do help bring in the shoppers and we are so grateful to them all for sparing their time in spreading the Glorious Edit far and wide.

Have a great fair,

Sarah & Kate