The Scarf Giraffe


Scarf Giraffe really is a family business from start to finish, in fact sometimes I wonder if there are any family members that aren’t involved! We started with Mum and Dad Giraffe going off to find some great quality scarves that we would be proud to sell (with a background in wholesaling they had a good start). 

We want to specialise in quality, luxury and feel-good scarves at reasonable prices. We never felt there was that go-to place to find the perfect scarf for every eventuality and that is what we now hope we deliver. 

Mum and Dad Giraffe always find amazing scarves for every occasion and everyone. Stylish, luxurious, thick/thin, oversized, summer/winter, fun, patterned and plain scarves for ladies (and men!) of any age.

We have since grown the range into accessories and of course our gorgeous children’s items. This is where our wonderful children George, Grace, Thomas  and Sam get dragged into modelling! Of course our partners are involved as well and we couldn’t be here without them, their modelling, IT and overall support has kept us going and encouraged us along. 

David and I have worked really hard to make this dream become a reality and we jump up and down every time we receive an order, every single one means something to us and we are incredibly appreciative of any support. We hope this comes across in our customer service and care for our customers, we are sure that you will be delighted with your items but if you aren’t we will do everything in our power to make it better.

So for those that have bought from us already, we thank you and for anyone new to the giraffe family we welcome you and we hope you like what you see

 We are happy to give The glorious Edit customers  10% off.