Talolo Boots

Talolo Boots are stylish all-weather cowboy boots, ideal for looking elegant whatever the weather, whilst keeping your feet dry.

Both wellies and cowboy boots have featured on the catwalks and Talolo offer a stunning combination of both – style and dry feet!
Designed in the UK, made from 100% biodegradable waterproof rubber, and lined in cotton, they feature a soft cuban heel which make them super comfortable too.

The range covers all tastes, from fashionable animal prints, mock croc effects, florals, boho paisley and all out funky aztec in two lengths - ankle and calf. Appealing to a wide audience from festival goers, adding glamour to wet sporting events, outdoor weddings, dog walkers, and looking chic on the high street. The beauty of these boots is that they do not look like wellies. No one needs to ruin a decent pair of boots anymore.

Everyone needs a pair of Talolos. They put a smile on your face and you will receive loads of comments from jealous onlookers - Life is too short for dull!

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