Outre Fitness

Outré is a brand that suits individuals that are both stylish and eco minded.

This combination of ideals in fitness is often missing or compromised. With this in mind Outré Fitness was founded by Fraser a university student from Bath.

Fraser is working his way through his graduate degree financing it by working as a personal trainer. It is here that he became aware that the functionality of mats and the aesthetics in an everyday piece of fitness equipment seemed to be unexciting and environmentally unfriendly. Fraser has designed a product from design concept, artwork, materials, packaging to end product completely on his own, conscious to make sure that all elements of style, sustainability and affordability remained accessible to all.

The unique leopard print designed by Outré has been combined with printing onto a suede top layer and an under layer of eco-friendly rubber. The use of suede has been chosen with hygiene in mind as mats are often transported from home to gyms making them dirty. 

 We are happy to give The Spring Fling customers  15% off.