Lucy Loves Retro

Fun affordable and unique retro inspired jewellery for teens, tweens and grown up children! 

Lucy Loves Retro was started a year ago. I have always loved quirky clothes and accessories and when I saw the huge bucket of my children’s old Lego I had an idea.  I decided to use the blocks and Lego mini figures to make earrings. Whenever I wore them out people noticed them and asked where they were from. That was the start . I love what I make and source. Being a small business many of the pieces are one off. I enjoy being different and standing out from the crowd as does my daughter who is 13 as does my niece who is 4!

Accessories can make an outfit. My jewellery is fun, colourful and affordable. What’s not to love

We are happy to offer The glorious Edit customers 10% off.