Killy and Co

Killy and Co is a growing business founded in 2018 on the concept of bringing colour to the home and championing British manufacturing. We have produced a series of mugs, placemats and prints featuring named animals, all with a backstory!  From Ernie the Zebra to Emilio the Octopus they all have a tale to tell.  

Our mugs are designed by Killy to be her perfect mug in size, shape, colour and critically heat retention!  Printing onto glazed, colourful ceramics is a difficult process to master and the potters of Stoke-on-Trent have now perfected this art to bring you a series of brightly coloured mugs to cheer any  kitchen.

Placemats are the latest addition to the Killy and Co line.  So far, they have been hugely popular since their launch in the summer.  How about bringing some colour and fun to your table with family and friends?