KK Zaza

KK Zaza was born at the end of a long and dusty bike ride, when I found myself in Jaipur, a city full of extraordinary craftsmen and stunning gemstones.

 Our designs are dreamt up around the kitchen table with my three daughters, who have a keen eye for detail and a shared love of Jewellery.  They are then delicately crafted by talented artisan men and women.

 Our collections have something for everyone, from dancing rings and delicate sparkling gemstone necklaces, to charm hoops and pendants like ‘One World’, that remind us of our impact on the planet.

 As we grow, our dedication to ethical and sustainable production remains at our core, we believe in every sense that beautiful, well-made jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth.

We are offering 20% off and free postage and packaging for the Spring Fling customers.