Head 2 Heart Books

I write rhyming books, beautifully illustrated by Maria Floyd, to help young children explore their emotions and get conversations started early. 

I have five books in The Little Paws Hotel series; each book tells the story, through the eyes of different breeds of dogs, about a specific worry or fear. The story of Olive gently addresses separation anxiety; Gus, fear of new experiences; Fig, worries and fears about making mistakes; Dudley, thoughts and feelings about being bullied; & Peggy, thoughts and feelings about being the bully.

Emotional well being and mental health matter as much as physical health and many young children (and parents) struggle to know how to open up tricky or difficult conversations about everyday thoughts and feelings. 

My passion is to provide stories that enable these important, and much needed, conversations to get started early in a safe and comfortable way. Our books are beautifully illustrated and are well researched. They address sensitive topics that have been worked on with clinical psychologists, teachers, Special Educational Needs teachers (SEN), parents, care-givers and children before going to print.

They have relatable key words throughout the story to help the young reader express themselves with the associated emotional, psychological, physiological and social aspects of the experience. They help the young reader empathise with how others may, or may not, feel in certain situations. They have three questions at the back to help reflect on the story, encouraging the child to relate to, and recognise, their own everyday thoughts and feelings. These fantastic books connect with your little one to help them explore, express and empathise from an early age

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