Chuckle Soaps

Chuckle soaps launched in December 2020 as a fun stocking filler. The lovingly handcrafted soap include toys ranging from Lego figures, Unicorn rings, dinosaurs, cars, pearl bracelets and more! All soaps are made by hand in Hampshire, are fragranced with 100% organic lavender oil are vegan and SLS free.

Goodness knows we all want find something to make the kids smile AND encourage them to wash their hands!

200 soaps were sold on the first day and within 1 week the Telegraph had included Chuckle Soaps in their Christmas Gift Guide. We sold our soaps primarily through Instagram and Chuckle Soaps now happily reside in bathrooms around the world - in as far flung places as New York, Costa Rica and Thailand!

Various beautiful stores have contacted us in the last 6 months and we are proud to have 5 UK stockists - including rock Stein in Cornwall. More exiting ventures in the pipeline!
We are offering 10% off for the Glorious Edit customer.