Alive and Kicking


Alive and Kicking’s (AK) vision is of an Africa where every child can play with a real ball, where thousands of jobs are sustained in the production and distribution of balls, and where sport significantly contributes to the health and quality of life of young people.

 To achieve these aims, AK manufactures sports balls in its not-for-profit stitching centres in Kenya and Zambia, employing people facing social or economic disadvantage. Proceeds from ball sales contribute to running AK’s award-winning health programmes across sub-Saharan Africa to educate young people about vital health education including HIV, malaria, mental health and Covid-19, as well as ball donations so children can play.

 Every ball you give as a gift this Christmas will not only bring joy to whoever receives it, but will also bring joy to thousands of children in some of the worlds most disadvantaged communities.