African Skies

African Skies is an online African home & lifestyle business, focusing solely on African made products. Collections include textiles, stationery, accessories for dogs, and homeward.

While living in Cape Town for four years, I spent time discovering and starting conversations with various talented and inspirational entrepreneurs. Constantly struck by the beauty of South Africa, but always alongside the hardship so obviously faced by so many, the idea for African Skies developed.

Having previously worked in corporate events and sports marketing, and as a trained home stylist, I have lived all over the world and in a range of wonderful locations. As a busy mother of two, the importance of creating a home for the family while still being able to feed my love for travel, property, beautiful design and interiors, and meeting new people, helped me to create African Skies – a business venture that perfectly combines all of my skills and passions and the rich tapestry of the many travels that have taken me across Africa, a continent that will forever be a part of my spirit. In creating a retail channel here in the UK, I am able to showcase the talents of all of the talented artisans and designers, and bring to life the incredible stories behind the people who have made each of the unique products featured on African Skies, while also helping to facilitate their projects, employment and expand their customer base.

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