Spotting the right bags on an airport carousel or in a pile at school or Uni has never been easy – KitTags help solve the problem.

In two sizes, KitTags and Mini KitTags, and up to six colours, KitTags attach easily to rucksacks, sports bags, ski kit, holiday luggage or any other item.

Embroidered (up to 6 characters) or printed (up to 10 characters, single- or double-sided) personalisation makes it even quicker to spot YOUR bag; one glance, no mistake! Embroidered text is done in dark blue thread, printed can be blue, neon yellow, reflective silver or luminous.

KitTags are tough and durable and should last for years. While we don't suggest they are used as carrying handles we have 20kg weights from a single KitTags.

KitTags are in use with emergency services across the UK and we are official suppliers to Air Ambulances and Community First Responder charities.

KitTags is offering a 15% discount.