Hooked is the hook and ring shot game that everyone is talking about.
Race your opponent to swing your ring onto the hook. Each time you hook your ring you push the shot glass towards your opponent. Move the glass off the end of the Shot Run and your opponent drinks. It could get messy!
Handcrafted right here in the UK, our hook and ring toss game will be the talking point of your next gathering, dinner party, pub session or holiday. Go head to head with our handcrafted Hooked ring toss game. Push forfeits on your opponent, like drinks, exercise or household chores. Even the kids can play for treats! A fun and original gift for a birthday or Christmas.

I started Hooked with my dad during Lockdown 1 to help extend my Business Management degree learning. Everyone has a business degree these days but how many try running their own business whilst still at Uni?!

I am happy to give customers 15% off with the code.