Zan Artefacts

Zan Artefacts offers a window into the world of the ancient Iranian art of Kapu weaving, a craft kept alive by female artisans for thousands of years.

Our trays and baskets are woven by the masterful hands of women of the southern provinces of Iran preserving exceptional expression of their art and culture. Throughout the mountains and villages of Khuzestan, making these beautiful handicrafts is a way of life, providing stability and means to survive.

The word Kapu describes a handcrafted, spherical shape fashioned by weaving leaflets of palm trees or Kertak. This traditional technique is one that has passed through the generations and is a legacy to be protected. Every captivating piece is made with love; the result of emotion and joy felt during creation. Our wish is to celebrate and honour the women whose hearts are woven into every piece. As such, Zan translates as ‘woman’ and each item from the collection is gifted with a female name such as Dokht (daughter), Valedeh (mother) and Bibi (grandmother.) Date palm trees have been cultivated in Iran for many purposes since the beginning of the Achaemenid dynasty. Using palm’s natural resources, Kapu can be made entirely of their young, white leaves (Tamam Pish), woven with vibrant, colourful wools (Tamam Kamva) or a combination of both. Graphic, chevron and diamond weaves create individual character in vivid, kaleidoscopic patterns and playful pompoms decorate the collection. Choose from a sunset palette of blue, yellow, teal, red and orange or natural tones of terracotta, rust and sand, reminiscent of the Iranian landscape of big skies and vast deserts.

Whether used traditionally or as a work of art, every tray or basket brings with it a wonderful sensory experience. Each craft tells a unique and enchanting story; the story of its creator. To own a piece from Zan Artefacts is to cherish and value the woman who made it.

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