Invest in yourself or a loved one with our crystal healing bracelets. Our belief is one small positive thought can change your whole day. Hand made in South West London our crystal healing bracelets give you that little nudge or reminder that you need each day.

Crystals hold magical healing properties which help you to navigate life’s little challenges. The crystals in our bracelets will connect you with the individual stone’s specific energy throughout the day. Happy Mama crystal healing bracelet is pale pink in colour. Rose quartz is the powerful stone of universal love: love for oneself, family and friends, the planet and the universe. Wearing a rose quartz crystal healing bracelet encourages compassion kindness and unconditional love. Be inspired and create your own personal affirmations and visit www.tinkalonk.com and choose the a crystal that fits your needs.

Bored of family members and friends running off with your chargers? TINKALINK iPhone charger and cable skins which adhere directly to the surface of your plug and cable. Add little charm to someone’s life with our collection of unique self-adhesive charms designed to be used in conjunction with our Talisman cases.

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