100 Acres Apothecary

We adore the British countryside. If we could, we’d spend all our days running through 100 acres of it - weaving through the rolling meadows, immersed in the abundant fruit orchards, exploring secret walled gardens, and running through the rambling wild herbs and flowers.

But, sadly, we can’t spend all our time frolicking in the countryside. So, we create divine botanical fragrances that smell like this glorious 100 acres, and infuse them into luxurious bath & body products (so that you can pretend you're relaxing in 100 acres of British countryside...even if just for two minutes).

We use only 100% natural, nourishing botanical ingredients (absolutely no nasties), and all of our products are made in the British countryside too. Our products make amazing Easter gifts.

 We are happy to give customers 25% off.