The Oxton Liqueur Company

Makers of the Finest Fruit Liqueurs that have already been awarded nine Great Taste Awards and three World Liqueur Awards including the World’s Best Rhubarb Gin 2019 and World's Best Vodka 2020.

Their 'Gin Collection' also includes Elderflower Gin, Raspberry Gin, Damson Gin, Sloe Gin, Plum Gin & Bramble Gin. The 'Vodka Collection' includes Blackcurrant Vodka, Christmas Vodka, Damson Vodka, Elderflower Vodka, Raspberry Vodka & Rhubarb Vodka. In addition, there is the ever-popular Bramble Whisky & Apricot Brandy. Each has been carefully handcrafted using natural ingredients, much of which is foraged. Traditional methods of steeping and infusing the whole fruit mean the liqueurs are bursting with flavour.

All of the flavours are available in a choice of elegant bottles (from Hip Flasks to their well-known three flavour Square Stacker). So, for a special treat or a unique gift, why not choose your favourite and have it personalised with a handwritten message - anything from ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to ‘Happy Easter’ or simply ‘Hands Off It’s Mine!’


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